Malaysia is a country in the South-East Asia. The two main parts of the country are located on the south of the Malay Peninsula and on the north of the island of Borneo. Several small islands are also a part of Malaysia. The total area of the country is 329 758 km². The location of Malaysia is very advantageous for international trade.

The system of government in Malaysia is quite interesting. It is a federal constitutional elective monarchy. The state territory is divided into thirteen states and three federal territories. Nine of the states are ruled by hereditary sultans. Governors head the other four states, and the federal territories are ruled directly by the central government. The head of the country is elected from the monarchs on the Conference of Rulers every five years. The king of Malaysia carries out the representative capacity while the country is ruled by the parliament and Cabinet of Ministers.

Animal life and flora of Malaysia are quite rich. The country is inhabited by more than 240 species of mammals, including tigers and leopards, and by more than 600 species of birds. Forests of Malaysia host the amazing plant called Rafflesia Arnoldii. Its flowers can grow to one hundred centimeters in diameter and weight up to ten kilograms.

Foreign trade is of key importance for the economics of Malaysia. The country exports natural resources as well as finished goods. Every year big jewelry exhibitions such as the Malaysian International Jewelry Festival and the Malaysian International Jewelry Fair take place in Malaysia. Companies from more than twelve countries take part in these shows. An exhibition of such scale is a key event in jewelry industry. Brand new jewelry trends are set here.

Jewelry of Malaysia is well-known all over the world. In 2009 a unique dress at the cost of thirty million dollars was debuted at the STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL Festival of the 11th Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The piece of art called “The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur” was created by the Mouawad jeweler together with Jendela KL. The dress is made of silk and taffeta and decorated with 751 diamonds weighing over 1100 carat. The biggest pear-shaped stone weighs 69.68 carat. The author of the spectacular masterpiece is the Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah.

In 2011 Malaysia Government abolished the import tax and sales tax on jewelry. The tax-free policy encouraged sellers to low prices and attracted new foreign companies. 

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